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Top 5 Most Heartbreaking Losses For Canada At The World Juniors

There’s a tendency to focus on the winners in sport. With good reason. Winners bask in the glory and adulation of fans and media. But in sport, there are always two sides. With winners, there are losers. Every team has … Continue reading

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The Good The Bad & The Ugly Of The 2014 Winter Olympics

Another Olympiad has come and gone. The XXII Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia came to a close on Sunday with a spectacular closing ceremony that followed a surprisingly successful games. Despite the fears of terrorist attacks, the imposing presence of … Continue reading

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New Rules Part 8

February is usually a down time in sports. Football has ended. Pitchers and catchers are reporting for spring training. Basketball has its All-Star Weekend which is followed by mid-season blahs. Hockey goes through the same thing in most years. But … Continue reading

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