Dealing With Week 1 In Fantasy Football

This is a special guest post by Matt Hodges. Enjoy.

After months of waiting, the 2014 NFL regular season kicks off this week. People who are playing in high stakes fantasy football will definitely be making sure that their roster is set and ready to go for all the openers. However, the worst thing a person can do in week 1 when it comes to fantasy is overthink everything. No one really knows how the 2014 season is going to play out, so starting the best players is the safest way to go.

Courtesy Getty Images

Courtesy Getty Images

Leading up to the 1st games, there will be plenty of people giving advice on certain matchups. However, since every team in the NFL is going to be in action this week, it makes sense to go ahead and play the best players. Yes, someone like Aaron Rodgers might have a somewhat bad matchup against the Seattle Seahawks, but he is being drafted in high stakes fantasy football as a top quarterback. Go ahead and give him a chance over whoever the backup might be on your roster.

For those who like to tinker, the best way to do that each and every week is to look at match ups for the defense. Many people overlook defense in general because it does not have that much of an impact in high stakes fantasy football. Instead of relying on a defense for the entire year, some people like to hit the waiver wire and see if they can pick up a defense that faces a weaker squad that particular week.

Finally, fringe starters should be looked at according to the team they play on. Much like defenses, the best bet towards possibly predicting who will have the best game comes down to who they play for. A running back who is playing on a team that is favored to win that week is probably going to get additional carries to help eat clock. On the other hand, a wide receiver is going to probably get more targets if they are playing on a team that is trying to make a second-half comeback.

The NFL has a long regular season, and even those who play in one day fantasy leagues should not worry too much about week 1. There is a lot of time to have success and figure things out throughout the regular season.


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