New Rules Part 7

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It’s the holiday season which means the sports world is at one of its craziest points of the year. Football is just insane, while hockey and basketball are in the midst of their campaigns. Meanwhile, soccer is gearing up for the biggest sporting event on the planet, the World Cup which will be held in 6 months. And how can I forget the Winter Olympics coming up in February? So now is a good of a time as any to put in some new rules in sport. So once again, with a tip of the hat to Bill Maher, it is time for some NEW RULES!

New Rule:

The sparse crowd inside Rogers Centre in Toronto for a Buffalo Bills "home game."

The sparse crowd inside Rogers Centre in Toronto for a Buffalo Bills “home game.”

The NFL in Toronto experiment is proving two things. Ralph Wilson is too old to run a football team and Toronto only cares about the Maple Leafs. The attendance at the Skydome Rogers Centre in Toronto resembles a Canadian University football game. Sad. Let’s face it, Toronto only cares about one thing. The Leafs. They are a Leafs town and nothing more. And as far as Ralph Wilson is concerned, greed and a touch of senility is only hurting his beloved Buffalo Bills. No wonder they haven’t played a playoff game since the Music City Miracle.

New Rule:

Southpark tie

The NFL should get rid of tie games. I know, they are a rare breed, but all ties do is complicate matters and settle nothing. I agree with Brian Billick of FOX sports who mentioned during the Bears/Vikings game that the NFL should go to an untimed overtime and play till a winner is decided. Yes, there are safety issues attached to this and the NFLPA will have something to say about it. But if college football, the NBA, MLB and even the NHL can rid themselves of tie games, so can the NFL.

New Rule:

College football is insane. If you don’t believe me, watch the Iron Bowl again. And if that isn’t enough, try figuring out the BCS right now.

New Rule:

Nick Saban

Nick Saban makes mistakes too. Alabama’s loss to Auburn can be put squarely on Saban’s shoulders. Sure, kicker Cade Foster was as accurate as FOX news predicting election results but Saban’s decision-making should be called into question as well. Why did he attempt a 57 yard field goal with a replacement kicker with 1 second left, instead of throwing a Hail Mary? If you’re about to attempt a 57 yard field goal, make sure the kicker’s leg is strong enough. Saban forgot about the potential return and Chris Davis burned him. So while Foster is getting roasted by Alabama fans, (criticism is warranted on Foster to be sure) Saban deserves just as much, if not more blame for the stunning defeat.

New Rule:

Nantz and Simms

CBS needs to find a better lead announce crew than Jim Nantz and Phil Simms. These two are a painful listen every Sunday. First off Mr. Nantz, I’M NOT YOUR FRIEND! So quit saying “Hello Friends” at the start of every telecast. It just sounds very creepy. As for you Mr. Simms, your analysis is bereft of intelligent football discussion. Here’s a quote from Mr. Simms. “Chiefs receivers getting good at catching ’cause they practice and throw the ball in the game.” Yes, that is some insight right there. Here’s another gem. “Peyton Manning only has a glove on his right hand…and that’s a fitted glove!” Because a glove that doesn’t fit means you must acquit. Right O.J? God, these two are insufferable.

New Rule:

Gary Bettman; Nadir Mohamed; Keith Pelley

Now that Rogers won the exclusive right to broadcast NHL hockey in Canada for 12 years, they need to step up their game.  Canada has been lucky that TSN has covered the NHL with great care since 2002. With innovative ideas such as the all day broadcast of the NHL trade deadline and free agent frenzy, to the work insiders such as Bob McKenzie and Pierre LeBrun, Canadian viewers have been treated to a professional yet entertaining slice of hockey broadcasting. Host James Duthie is affable yet knowledgable and is sure to be courted by Rogers and CBC. Ray Ferraro is quickly becoming one of the best analysts in the sport. Meanwhile, Rogers is stuck with mediocrity such as the boorish Nick Kyperos and the man who ruined the Columbus Blue Jackets, Doug MacLean. Yes, Rogers you have the rights. But now your real work begins. Don’t screw it up.

New Rule:

Ron and Don

Time for Don Cherry to step aside. Many Canadians will disagree with me on this but he has become an uncomfortable listen when he preaches his weekly sermon every Saturday night. There is no denying his ratings are as strong as ever, fuelled by Leaf fans who love him, and the haters who wait for him to say the wrong thing so they can trash him on Twitter. Cherry definitely is an icon in Canada. But listening to him call himself the Bobby Orr of broadcasting, while  begging for a job at the same time was painful. If Rogers wants to put their stamp on hockey broadcasts, tell the 79-year-old Cherry we’re going in a new direction. His time has come.

New Rule:

World Cup

When the World Cup draw is announced later this week, Brazil and Portugal need to be in the same group. As a fan of the beautiful game, it would be fitting if arguably the game’s best player, Cristiano Ronaldo faced the future best player in the world in Neymar. Plus with the World Cup being held in Brazil, the trash-talking in Portuguese would be fantastic. Even if I can’t understand a word in Portuguese.

New Rule:

The Bradley Centre in Milwaukee during a Bucks game this past week.

The Bradley Centre in Milwaukee during a Bucks game this past week.

It may be time for someone to notice that there is an attendance problem in the NBA. For those who follow @EmptySeatPics on Twitter, you know what I’m talking about. Milwaukee, Washington, Atlanta, Cleveland and Minnesota have had issues with drawing people to games for a while,  But when traditionally strong market such as Phoenix, San Antonio and Dallas have tickets go unsold, there is a problem. Perhaps nowhere is it worse than Miami. Despite having LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and back-to-back NBA Championships, the Heat have had difficulty selling out their games this season. The NBA better address this soon, or it could become an epidemic if it hasn’t already.

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