Five Sports I Just Can’t Get Into

As most of you know, I am somewhat sports crazy. I follow sport with a passion and the sports I love, I indeed love them with all my heart. But I don’t love all sports. There are some (albeit not very many) diversions of athletic competition I just can’t seem to enjoy from a spectator’s standpoint. Here are five such examples of activities of a sporting nature I don’t like.



I may have my Canadian citizenship revoked for this one, but I just don’t like curling. It may be fun to participate in, and yes it is much more difficult than the pros make it look, but my God it is incredibly boring to watch on television. And it takes forever to play. Games usually go 3 to 3.5 hours long. You could read War and Peace during that time. I know ratings for curling coverage in Canada are huge. Events such as the Brier, Scott Tournament of Hearts and the World Curling Championships garner large ratings on TSN. But I’m not one of those who gets all wrapped up in the non-stop coverage of curling, during its peak season. (February and March) I’ve seen more excitement in watching grass grow than a curling match. Then there’s the screaming. The constant shrieks and groans of HURRY HARD  belong in a porn film, not during an athletic competition. I love my country, but curling just isn’t my thing.



I point out NASCAR but not all forms of auto racing. I do enjoy watching Formula 1 on occasion and I prefer that type of racing. Besides, Monte Carlo and Singapore are much more glamorous places than Dover, New Hampshire or Talladega, Alabama. Here are my basic problems with NASCAR. Like curling, it’s far too long. Since most races are 400-500 miles, they can take up to 6 hours tom complete. I’m also not a fan of souped-up family cars being made into race cars. The Chevrolet Lumina or the Ford Taurus are NOT RACE CARS! At least F1 uses Ferraris and McLarens for race cars. NASCAR is also way over commercialized. Now I understand this was needed to keep the sport alive. But when a driver thanks his sponsors first over everything else, they sound like corporate hacks and not athletes. Finally, there are fans of the sport that just like the accidents and spectacular crashes. Yet drivers such as Dale Earnhardt and Kenny Irwin were killed in accidents. On top of that, there have been instances where spectators were killed during race action, as debris from accidents have struck fans while watching. Yes, there have been deaths in F1 as well. Gilles Villeneuve and Aryton Senna were both tragically killed on the race course as well. And yes both have taken measures to make the sport safer. However, there is a faction of fans of NASCAR that love nothing more, than to see a huge pileup. Considering how dangerous the sport is, I don’t understand!



I have mentioned that curling and NASCAR are long events. However, they seem like nanoseconds next to cricket. You want a sport that takes forever to play, here’s cricket. While not that popular in North America, cricket is massive in certain parts of the world. A cricket match between India and Pakistan literally brings both nations to a halt, and is considered one of the most intense rivalries in all of sport. Riots are commonplace when those two countries clash. (They make the 2011 Vancouver riot look like a Care Bear’s picnic.) Here’s the big problem. It can take upwards of 5 days to complete a test as they call it. 5 freaking days! That’s an entire workweek for those with actual jobs! And if you want something slow and boring, well there is cricket. The action is few and far between and when there is something going on, it only lasts a few seconds. That sounds like my love life and that isn’t pretty either! Too long. Too slow. No chance!

Horse Racing:

Horse Racing

Horse Racing is vastly different from all the other sports listed above. It isn’t very long. In fact, most races run about 2 minutes each. However, I have absolutely no interest in betting on the ponies. There was a time when the sport of kings was arguably the most popular sport in the United States. Winning the Triple Crown was considered one of the biggest prizes in sport. But with no Triple Crown winner since 1978, it has become a forgotten and elusive accolade. To me, this sport is all about gambling, rich people wearing funny hats, and animals who risk all for some roses. This doesn’t tickle my fancy one bit, and I will pass on it.

Figure Skating:

Figure Skating

Let’s just cut to the chase right here. Figure skating is just as rigged as WWE! There I said it. If you want proof, check out the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, when Jamie Sale and David Pelletier were only awarded a silver medal, despite vastly outskating their Russian counterparts. The French judge however, was under pressure from the skating federation to give the Russians a higher mark. While Sale and Pelletier did receive gold medals later on, the proof was there that the fix was in. And if you want a soap opera, how can you ever forget the Nancy Kerrigan vs. Tonya Harding scandal that swept North America, prior to the 1994 Olympics. Yes it was Harding’s husband at the time Jeff Gilooly who took a baton and struck Kerrigan on the back of the leg. Not even Vince MacMahon could have dreamt this! If you want rigged action with a possibility of someone being attacked with a baton, watch Monday Night Raw instead. At least they admit it’s choreographed.

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3 Responses to Five Sports I Just Can’t Get Into

  1. I’m waiting for someone from the curling community to endorse Swiffer. Only then will the sport really increase in popularity.

  2. hdsnake867 says:

    1. Curling makes soccer look exciting.
    2. NASCAR is not a sport. Its just driving left really fast.
    3. Cricket makes no sense at all.
    4. Horse racing isn’t a sport and horses aren’t athletes. Sports Illustrated actually named Secretariat athlete of the year. ESPN listed him 35th of the 100 greatest North American athletes of the 20th century. So much for ESPNs credibility.
    5. Figure skating is just dancing with cold feet. If figure skating is a sport, then so should be disco dancing. Also not a sport.

  3. I really should’ve commented sooner, but here goes anyway.
    1. Curling is boring, agreed, there’s not much else to say about it.
    2. I personally dislike NASCAR, as the cars are driving in circles and only in the last 15 laps are they actually racing. On the other hand, Formula 1 is awesome, I love it. That’s real racing if you ask me.
    3. Well, I’m a huge cricket fan, but I can tell you that if Americans and Canadians are properly introduced to the sport, it’ll become popular, especially T20. I can explain the whole sport if you like, but basically there are three formats of the game, Test (5 days long, the common stereotype is that this is the only type of cricket and it’s extremely boring, which you are entitled to your own opinion about that. Personally, I love it), ODI cricket (One Day International), which is still very long compared to other sports (average of 7 hours or so), and T20, which is the newest and “glitziest” format, takes about 3.5 hours or so, it’s compared to the length of a baseball game.

    4. Horse racing is not a sport. It’s a bet. Plus it takes two seconds for the whole thing. Literally, hours of ESPN coverage for 1 minute of racing, not even.

    5. Figure skating is dancing, and dancing is not an Olympic sport. It’s a sport, albeit a different category than the other ones that we typically think of.

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