Fearless (And Fearful) Predictions for 2013

As we bid adieu to 2012 and say hello to 2013, many people are looking back in reflection of the year past. I have decided to look ahead to the incoming year. 2012 was a memorable year in sports. Not all the memories are wonderful. What will 2013 bring? Here are some of my predictions for 2013.

– The NHL Will Return in 2013

NHL Lockout

Yes, the lockout will end at some point. However I still believe the NHL won’t resume until October. I know they are negotiating as I write this piece, and their is a chance of a deal being struck to save the 2012-13 season. But I can also see the owners and players pushing this to the brink, then eventually going over the cliff. In other words, don’t trust these idiots in doing the right thing.

– Gary Bettman Will Resign as NHL Commissioner


This lockout has taken its toll on the little man. Many reports have surfaced that Bettman’s health has taken a downturn since the lockout started. It also doesn’t help his cause that he is the most hated man in the hockey world. I also believe that the owners aren’t 100% behind Bettman anymore. Don’t be surprised when the lockout ends, Bettman steps down as commissioner.

– Tony Romo Will Lose Another Elimination Game

Romo In Tears

There are certain moments you can count on. Death, taxes, and Tony Romo falling apart in a big game. There is no denying that Tony Romo has ability. But there is no denying that Tony Romo is horrible when the spotlight of the big game shines on him. He will tease and tantalize Dallas Cowboy fans, but in the end, he will break their hearts in agonizing fashion. Count on it.

– The Detroit Lions Will Lead The NFL In Arrests

Nick Fairley looks way too happy after his arrest.

Nick Fairley looks way too happy after his arrest.

Personally, I was disappointed but not surprised when the Lions retained Jim Schwartz as their head coach for the 2013 season. It has been reported Schwartz has lost control of the team and it certainly showed on the field. The Lions lost their last 8 games of the regular season, to finish with a very disappointing 4-12 record in 2012, after making the playoffs in 2011. But the nightmare began long before the season started, when 8 Lions players were arrested for various off-field transgressions. Schwartz did very little about it, and the Lions suffered the consequences. Expect the carnage to continue into 2013.

– The Toronto Blue Jays Won’t Win The World Series

Toronto Blue Jays Logo

There is no doubt the Blue Jays have drastically improved their ball club. However, they will need some time to gel. A wildcard or AL East title isn’t out of the question. Even the American League pennant is possible. But I don’t see a World Series title in 2013 for Toronto. In fact, the National League will win the World Series again. The best teams in baseball are in the Senior Circuit.

– The Clippers Will Become The Best Team In Los Angeles

Blake Griffin Dunk

These are words I thought I would never utter. The Clippers better than the Lakers? Really? Yes there is a changing of the guard in The City Of Angels. The Lakers have tried to recapture their magic, by signing point guard Steve Nash and centre Dwight Howard in the offseason. However it has gone wrong for the Lakers. Nash suffered a knee injury that sidelined him for over a month. Howard hasn’t meshed with his new club. The Lakers fired head coach Mike Brown after 5 games and replaced him with Mike D’Antoni. Meanwhile the Clippers have emerged as one the premier teams in the NBA, winning 16 straight, and entertaining fans and experts alike. Laker legend Magic Johnson went so far to call the Clippers the “new showtime.” I’m not sure this will lead to an NBA title for the Clippers, but with Blake Griffin and Chris Paul leading the way, the future is bright for the Clip Show.

– Tim Tebow Will Be Out Of The NFL

Tim Tebow New York Jets

The secret is out. Tim Tebow isn’t very good. In fact, Tim Tebow was never that good of a professional quarterback. His act worked in college football, where he led Florida to a National Championship in 2008, but he was exposed by Alabama in the 2009 SEC title game. While Tebow enjoyed some success in Denver, GM John Elway didn’t have faith that Tebow was the long-term solution. So Tebow went to the New York Jets, where the media (particularly ESPN) went bonkers over the controversy over the QB battle between Tebow and Mark Sanchez. The distraction hurt the Jets and they ended up with a dismal 6-10 record. I don’t see a team taking a chance on the circus that Tebow brings with him everywhere he goes. Don’t be surprised if he ends up in the CFL in the not-so-distant future.

– The Washington Wizards Will Have The Worst Record In NBA History

Washington Wizards

The Wizards are so bad, they make the Washington Generals look good. I don’t see this team winning 9 games this season. In fact, I’m surprised they’ve won 3 games. A dreadful team. A dreadful franchise. Expect them to make an appearance on my worst teams of all time series.

– No English Team In The Champions League Quarterfinals

Arsene Wenger in that ridiculous parka he likes to wear. Almost as laughable as his club he manages.

Arsene Wenger will have that look of disappointment, after Bayern Munich is done with his Gunners.


Here’s a dirty secret no English soccer fan would ever say. The English Premier League isn’t very good. Manchester City and Chelsea were eliminated in the Group Stage of the Champions League. Now Manchester United and Arsenal have extremely difficult matchups, in the first knockout stage. United drew Real Madrid, while Arsenal have to contend with Bayern Munich. I don’t see either English side going through. Cristiano Ronaldo will rip apart a leaky United midfield, while Bayern could trounce Arsenal, in devastating fashion. The decline of the EPL may have begun.

– Tiger Woods Won’t Win A Major

Tiger Woods

In fact, I don’t see Tiger winning a major championship ever again. Ever since his infidelities came out, his game has taken a nosedive. The other problem is the field has caught up to Tiger. Young stars such as Rory McIllroy, Justin Rose, Graeme McDowell and Adam Scott are poised to take over the golf world. Let that be a lesson kids. Never cheat on your Swedish model wife with porn stars.

– Andy Murray Will Win Wimbledon

Andy Murray with the US Open Trophy.

Andy Murray with the US Open Trophy.

The Scottish sensation broke through in 2012, winning the gold medal at the London Olympics, then he followed up by winning his first slam, the US Open in September. Murray’s game is now on par with Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer. Murray desperately wants to win on the grass of the All England Club, and after his success in the Olympics, the time is now for Murray to win the biggest prize in tennis.

To all my readers, a safe and happy 2013!

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4 Responses to Fearless (And Fearful) Predictions for 2013

  1. Hope you are right on Bettman. I have had no use for him since the Jets left for Phoenix.

  2. Ryan Meehan says:

    Although the first two are great thoughts, I don’t think that is really forseeable in the same calendar year we could be that lucky.

    Tebow out of the league and the Clippers the best LA team? I think you nailed those. Both excellent points.

    Nicely done good sir!!!


  3. Chuckie Maggio says:

    Im going with Tiger winning the Masters and US

  4. Blog Surface says:

    Great predictions Jeremy! We hope you’re right about the NHL, goodness we’re missing some hockey right now. Also, in terms of Tebow, we could definitely see that. Two thumbs up!

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