Flames Doused Yet Again

The Flames bench reacts after another tough loss

Another season with no playoffs is a sure thing for the Calgary Flames. That sure won’t sit well with the citizens of the Stampede City. They were expecting playoff action this year with the hopes of partying down the Red Mile like they did in 2004. But just like the last two seasons, Flames fans will be crying in their beers at Ship and Anchor Pub instead of toasting the local heroes.

The Ship & Anchor Pub along the Red Mile in Calgary.

Which brings us too what the Flames need to do in order to improve this team. This will be a tall order. The Flames are right up against the salary cap and don’t have many prospects in their farm system. Sure they can fire coach Brent Sutter, but the Flames have already gone through Darryl Sutter, Jim Playfair, and Mike Keenan in the last 4 years. While Brent Sutter probably would be better off tending to his farm in Red Deer, firing him won’t cure that ails the Flames.

The Flames have to do something drastic and that is trade both Jarome Iginila and Miikka Kiprusoff.  I know many Flames fans don’t want to hear that but this is the only way the Flames can get out of the mess they are in. It’s simple really. Iggy and Kipper are the only viable players the Flames can trade and get something in return. Whether it be first round draft picks, top prospects, or established stars in need of a change of scenery.

Let’s face facts here. The Flames aren’t going to win a Stanley Cup with Iggy and Kipper. Sad but true. And with both players becoming unrestricted free agents in 2013, the time is now to move them or the Flames keep them for one more year, get the same result and lose them and get nothing in return.

Will it be easy? No. Both players have no movement clauses in their contracts and both love the city of Calgary. And the city loves both of them as well. However like Romeo and Juliet, this love affair will end in tragedy as well. Iggy and Kipper deserve to play for a contender. They have given their heart and soul to the organization and both players should have their numbers raised to the rafters at the Pengrowth Saddledome when their playing careers are over.

But their time in Calgary has run out. They should not have to suffer through a much-needed rebuilding period. They both deserve one more shot at the Stanley Cup. And the Flames need to start over. What they have right now isn’t good enough and it is imperative to go back to the drawing table. It will break many hearts in Calgary but sometimes, you need a little darkness in order to see the light.

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3 Responses to Flames Doused Yet Again

  1. Mona Lisa says:

    As much as I’m almost in tears while reading this…you may be right 😥

  2. I always want the NHL Canadian franchises to do well because I think it is good for the game itself. Probably wouldn’t hurt to “redeploy” a couple more USA teams to the Great White North either. So difficult to watch organizations like the Flames…and the Maple Leafs…flounder about where hockey is “King.” Trading those top players will indeed be “hitting rock bottom” but after that there’s two directions to go…up…and back to the Ship & Anchor to dull that pain until the new arrivals bring winning back to Calgary.

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