The Wild Wild West

Howdy Partners. This is the old cowboy here. Just sittin’ back, tending the fire, and in a storytelling mood. The story I’m about to tell is about 6 mean hombres fighting for 3 pieces of gold. This will be one mean gun fight at the OK Corral.

First off is these Texas boys. Come from Dallas. Call themselves the Stars. You always have to watch out for them Texas boys. They love a good fight. And there ain’t no way there leaving the saloon without getting what they want. It wasn’t always like that you know. Not so long ago, those Texas boys were shooting blanks. In fact they couldn’t hit the side of a barn. But now, they brought in some new Smith & Wessons and can shoot a needle off a cactus.

We also have these boys from the desert. Call themselves the Coyotes. Always seem to have no money in there pockets. But since they are on the sheriff’s good books, they can get away from robbing the good citizens of the desert. Now that ain’t right. Even if they blow that money on the saloon or playing cards. Can’t trust those Coyotes. Even if you drop a big ole anvil on them, they never die. There captain ain’t well liked either. In Texas there was a big reward for capturing that nasty varmint. Rumour has it they may move out East. But us folk here in the West have heard that old wives’ tale before.

Can’t forget about those flashy Hollywood types. Call themselves the Kings. They act like they are the fastest guns in the West. You know the types. Cocky young’ens full of attitude and flash. But they always seem to be over their heads when it comes to the big showdown. They’re fast but sometimes not too bright.

Further north are those cool types known as the Sharks. Now I know what you’re thinking. Sharks don’t belong on land. Well these varmints have been on land for quite some time now. Very laid back. Not a care in the world. But that act is catchin’ up on them real quick. And when the pressure gets to them, they run like a scalded dog with his tail between his legs.

Over in there mountains, we got these kids known as the Avalanche. Full of vim and vinegar. Not quite sure there ready for the big showdown yet, but if they can survive the dry season, them boys could be the most feared guns in the West. Right now though, they could use some new horses.

Finally can’t forget about those oldtimers from up North. Call themselves the Flames. At one time, there wasn’t a more accurate shot then those northern kin. But in more recent time, there akin to shoot themselves in the foot. That’s what happens when you get old. Lots of money but little brains.

So who will get those 3 valuable pieces of gold? I sure can’t tell. All I know is the standoff at Town Centre will happen in two weeks time. The sheriff will be there. The deputy too. And when it’s all over, maybe a new story from the old West will emerge. Well I’m done now. Y’all come around soon. We’ll have a drink at the old saloon sometime.

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4 Responses to The Wild Wild West

  1. Joe Munley says:

    I love this post! Very entertaining… But, no love for my Preds?

  2. The inconsistency of my Blackhawks is excruciatingly painful to watch. I hope they can pick it up in the playoffs (if they make it).

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