2012 Wish List


It’s that time of year again. Some people are making New Year’s resolutions to make things better for the coming year. Others are waiting for New Year’s Eve to party hard and drink awful champagne at midnight. Don’t forget the ones who will reflect on the past year with either fondness or sadness.

For me it is a time to look ahead at what could happen in 2012. And no I’m not talking about the apocalypse that allegedly will happen sometime within the next 12 months. This is a wish list of what I want to happen in the sports world of 2012. I will divide it by sport.


– I wish for zero news about deaths of current or former NHL players who died far too young. 2011 will be remembered for the tragic losses of Derek Boogaard, Rick Rypien and Wade Belak, all gone at a very young age. Also the plane crash of the Lokomotiv team in Russia in which 43 people died including 9 former NHL players added to hockey’s misery. Let’s hope for better news in 2012.

– I wish for less news about Sidney Crosby. Look, I like Sidney Crosby and yes he is the best player in the world when healthy, but I don’t need an hour by hour report on when or if he’s coming back this season. Memo to TSN, there is more to the NHL than Sidney Crosby. Please enough with the endless reports about his health and let the guy rest. He needs it and you TSN, need to focus on the players playing the game.

– I wish for the continuing success of the Winnipeg Jets and the excitement that it has brought to my city. Believe me there is nothing like having a big time professional team in your hometown and the Jets have more than lived up to expectations.

– I wish for Roberto Luongo getting some new tires.

– I wish for Jarome Iginla winning a Stanley Cup, even if it means he has to be traded out of Calgary.

– I wish for the Phoenix Coyotes situation to be resolved once and for all.

– I wish for no lockout next season. (I’m not sure about this one though)


– I wish for Peyton Manning to retire. You’ve done it all Peyton. No need for you to come back and risk further injury. I don’t want you leaving the game in a wheelchair. Do the right thing and walk away.

– I wish for Ndamukong Suh to mature some more. Suh has the potential to become an elite defensive tackle but he has to control his emotions better. If he can harness the intensity and fury the right way, he will be a major force in the NFL.

– I wish for everyone to stop talking about Tim Tebow until he becomes more consistent. I could say the same thing about Tony Romo.

– I wish for Andy Reid to be fired in Philadelphia. If he isn’t let go at season’s end, then the Eagles biggest problem is owner Jeffrey Lurie.

– I wish for Cincinnati Bengals fans to start buying tickets to watch their team play. This is a fun team to watch yet no one in the Queen City wants to attend the games in person. I’m baffled by that.

– I wish for less sideline shots of Rob Ryan.

– I wish for less news conferences from Rex Ryan.

– I wish for Boise State to man up and join the SEC. Screw geography, if Boise State wants to prove they’re a national power, play LSU, Alabama and Florida on a regular basis and then we’ll see how good you really are.


– I wish for a fantastic Euro 2012 tournament. With group stage matches such as Germany vs. Holland, Spain vs. Italy, and England vs. France, this has the makings of an outstanding tournament that fans of the beautiful game should watch.

– I wish for Liverpool to hire a new Public Relations director. I’ve been a Liverpool fan for many years but they’re handling of the Luis Suarez fiasco was embarrassing. It pains me to say it but Liverpool must stop looking at their glorious past and start thinking about the future or be left behind for many years.

– I wish for Barcelona FC to continue their brilliant play. I could watch this team forever. If they do win La Liga and Champions League in 2o12, you can make a serious argument that this side could go down as the greatest of all time.

– I wish for FIFA to clean up their act and get rid of Sepp Blatter as president. (I can dream can’t I?)


– I wish for David Stern to resign as commissioner. His handling of the lockout (even though he saved the season) plus his bungling of the Chris Paul trade has made him look like joke. Get out David!

– I wish for the Clippers to become the best NBA team in Los Angeles. With Chris Paul and Blake Griffin forming an awesome one-two punch, plus with the Lakers aging, this one has a chance.

– I wish for Seattle to get an NBA team. If not in 2012, then sometime in the near future.


– I wish for Major League Baseball to get a salary cap. Unfortunately that wish won’t come true anytime soon.

– I wish for the Yankees and Red Sox to duplicate last season aka fall apart at season’s end. Nothing made me happier than watching these two evil empires fall apart in the clutch.

– I wish for the Pittsburgh Pirates to become relevant again. They got off to a great start in 2011 before fading down the stretch so I’m hoping they can continue to improve but it is a long shot.

– I wish for Atlanta Braves fans to stop doing the tomahawk chop. You look like idiots. Just stop with that nonsense.


– I wish for FOX to fire Joe Buck. Memo to FOX, Joe Buck is simply awful and boring. Please put in someone who actually wants to be there. Speaking of which…

– I wish for Gus Johnson to have a more prominent role at FOX. He actually enjoys his job and wants to cover the big games. The fans love him so give him a chance FOX.

– I wish for Pierre McGuire to be less creepy. (Impossible I know)

– I wish for Marv Albert to call the NBA Finals again.  I know he’s in his 70s but no one is better at calling basketball games than Marv.

– I wish for TSN/CTV to outbid CBC for the Hockey Night in Canada contract. This will probably happen but who knows.

Finally a wish to all my readers: A safe, happy and prosperous New Year!

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