This, That, And A Few Others.

Scattered sports thoughts from a scattered sports mind.


– According to ESPN, FOX, CBS, and the majority of people who live in Denver, Tim Tebow is a saviour and the best player in the NFL. Yes Tebow led the Broncos to a comeback victory. However it was against the hapless Miami Dolphins. Let’s see what he does long-term before we anoint Tebow into sainthood.

– I’ve never been the biggest Peyton Manning fan, but I have to admit how great he really is. He’s single-handedly carried the Indianapolis Colts since 1998. The Colts have been dreadful this season with Manning on the sidelines. It Colts fans want to blame someone, blame management and ownership for this mess.

– The Green Bay Packers won’t go 16-0. Defence has been suspect so far. That being said, they’re still the favourites to win the Super Bowl.

– Who’s the best team in the AFC? After the Ravens laid an egg on Monday night the conference is up for grabs. If they were fully healthy, I’d be tempted to say Houston. Yes Houston. It’s not that far-fetched.

– Either the Colts or the Dolphins will have the “honour” of drafting Andrew Luck. That is after one of them goes 0-16.
– Darkhorse team in the NFC, the Atlanta Falcons. Watch out for them.


– Yes it is early but the Washington Capitals have emerged as the Stanley Cup frontrunners. Their 7-1 demolition job of Detroit was impressive to watch. Still the questions that linger around Capitol Hill will linger until the playoffs begin. And no I’m not talking about the economy.

– Crisis in Montreal? If you go on Twitter and check out the Canadiens fans tweets, you’d think the Habs are one step away from a complete and total disaster. Many fans are calling for Jacques Martin’s dismissal while GM Pierre Gauthier is also on the hot seat. In a hockey mad market like Montreal, how long will ownership wait until they pull the trigger? Things better improve in La Belle Province before heads roll.

– While I’m thrilled Winnipeg is back in the NHL, I must remind fellow Jets fans that we didn’t get a Stanley Cup contender to my fair city. People in Winnipeg better remember that the Atlanta Thrashers weren’t very good in their time in Dixie so this project known as the Winnipeg Jets will take some time. Patience is required.

– A team to watch: The Los Angeles Kings. I hope people in hip and trendy LA go see their Kings while the Lakers continue to be locked out. An excellent young team whose time might be now. Could this be the year the Kings earn their crowns? Stay tuned.

– I don’t know about you but I think Mike Emrick is overrated as a play-by-play announcer.

NCAA Football

– You can talk about the other conferences all you want, the SEC reigns supreme until proven otherwise. LSU and Alabama are clearly the two best teams in the country and their highly anticipated matchup on November 5 should be a ratings bonanza for CBS. This could very well be the biggest regular season game in college football history.

– Player to watch, Justin Blackmon. The junior receiver from Oklahoma State is simply tearing up opposing secondaries this season. Blackmon has 61 catches for 662 yards and 8 touchdowns so far this season. If Blackmon decides to forgo his senior season, he could be a top 5 pick in this year’s draft.

– Personally I’m not surprised Oklahoma lost. I thought the Sooners were overrated coming into this season. Since winning the National Championship in 2000, coach Bob Stoops has lost games his team should have won. I’m not saying Stoops should be fired but maybe some questions should be asked in Norman in the coming months.

– All this conference swapping and realignment talk is making me dizzy. Next thing you’ll know USC will end up in the Big East and Rutgers will end up in the PAC 12. Yes that sounds ridiculous but that’s college football right now.

Dear Notre Dame. Give up. Join a conference already. Namely the Big 10. You’re not that special anymore. If you want to be big time again, play Nebraska, Wisconsin and Ohio State. Not Air Force and Navy.

– Soccer.

– Still not convince of Manchester United’s demise yet. Yes they were thrashed 6-1 by Manchester City but United aren’t dead yet. I’ve seen them comeback before. Still it should raise concerns at Old Trafford about the state of the club. At some point the reign ends and United’s time might be up.

– I still have Bayern Munich and Barcelona as the top clubs in Champions League but lurking in the weeds are Chelsea and Real Madrid. Take notice of those two sides who desperately want to win Europe’s biggest club competition.

– Very much looking forward to Euro 2o12 next summer. Spain are still the team to beat but never count out the Germans. Should be a fascinating tournament.


– If the Cardinals don’t win the World Series Tony LaRussa should take all the blame. His over handling of the bullpen finally bit him where it hurts in Game 5. Sometimes you just have to let the players play and go with instinct instead of numbers.

– I think Albert Pujols would be making a major mistake if he left St. Louis. He belongs in the Gateway City and I hope greed doesn’t trump loyalty.

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4 Responses to This, That, And A Few Others.

  1. Nice of you to give my Rutgers a shoutout. Next question, Do you think Boise State will go undefeated if they wind up in BE next year ?! I think its a done deal 😦

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  3. Bobby Charts says:

    Yes cant wait for Euros, and I stunded at Man U’s struggles as of late, and Im rotting for Tebow but weather he will pan out is another issue, lol.
    and what a World Series we are having this year, amazing

  4. I hate but understand ‘Suck for Luck’. It just ruins competitiveness a little bit. Bayern’s looked good recently, especially after beating Nuremburg 4-0 in Bundesliga. Can’t wait for Euro 2012, like Bobby said. Also, you’re completely right about the Jets.

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