Lions Post Game

Well we lost. It doesn’t feel good but it was bound to happen. I should be used to this. After all my beloved Detroit Lions did go 0-16 in 2008. I saw plenty of bad football prior to that. Still losing is never fun.

The Lions lost 25-19 to the San Francisco 49ers today in a hard-fought, sometimes bitter contest. It was the first loss the Lions suffered this season after winning their first 5 games. Quarterback Matthew Stafford was not at his best today but he also didn’t get a lot of help. The offensive line is shaky at best and sometimes can’t block a group of 4 year olds. The play calling was questionable at best. Throw the ball to Megatron please. The defence missed tackles.

No excuses. The Lions were not the better team today. Full marks to San Francisco for playing a solid game and making the big plays when it counted. The 49ers have become contenders in the NFC and will be a factor in the playoffs.

There was an incident following the game. 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh was very excited after the game and ran across the field to shake Lions coach Jim Schwartz’s hand. Harbaugh jumped and shook Schwartz’s hand and shoved him at the same time in his excitement. Schwartz claims that Harbaugh used an obscenity and chased Harbaugh down the field. Harbaugh admitted the handshake was too hard but refused to apologize.

Personally I never liked Harbaugh. I thought he was a good but not great quarterback in the 90s. He did play with intensity and emotion which was both a positive and negative at the same time. Harbaugh rubbed me the wrong way as a player and he’s doing the same as a coach. But I will give him credit for turning around the 49ers into a solid contending team.

Could this be the next great rivalry in the NFC? They will have to meet in the playoffs at some point but these are two young exciting teams with bright futures. I’m disappointed with the loss today but I know the season is far from over. And 5-1 is so much better than where we were. Go Lions! Restore the Roar!

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2 Responses to Lions Post Game

  1. Lee Love says:

    good and realistic post…lions have good talent and a coach that has restored the desire to win…and they are!

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