The 5-0 Detroit Lions

Yes you are reading the title of this post correctly. The 5-0 Detroit Lions. I never thought it would happen and I’ve been a Lions fan since 1981. I suffered through many bad seasons. I suffered through many bad quarterbacks. (Bob Gagliano, Chuck Long, Andre Ware, Scott Mitchell, Charlie Batch, Mike McMahon, Joey Harrington, Dan Orlovsky, Daunte Culpepper, etc.) I suffered through many bad coaches. I suffered through Matt Millen, the worst GM in the history of sports. I survived the 0-16 nightmare of 2008.

But now the Lions are a breath of fresh air. Coach Jim Schwartz brings a no-nonsense work ethic with a heavy metal attitude. Quarterback Matthew Stafford has the calm, cool demeanour combined with a rocket launcher of an arm that brings fear to defences. Calvin Johnson is simply not human. You must refer to him as Megatron thank you very much. Ndamukong Suh scares every single quarterback, running back, offensive lineman, popcorn vendor, usher, ticket taker, etc.

When you have all that, you have a team brimming with confidence and fun to watch. The Lions have used the big play to their advantage and Megatron is reaping the benefits. The inhuman receiver leads the NFL with 7 touchdowns so far and is on pace for 28 touchdowns for the season. He can’t be covered one on one. Double coverage hasn’t worked. Even triple coverage couldn’t stop the mighty Megatron. Just ask the Dallas Cowboys.

The Motor City hasn’t been this excited about their football team since Barry Sanders was dazzling fans and making defences look foolish in the 1990s. The problem was Barry was all the Lions had back then. This Lions team has many players to be proud of.

I’ve already mentioned Stafford, Megatron and Suh but let’s not forget Cliff Avril coming into his own this year at defensive end. Stephen Tulloch has been a force at middle linebacker since coming over from Tennessee. DeAndre Levy has been very effective at  the weak side linebacker spot. Brandon Pettigrew has emerged as a rising star at tight end for both his receiving and blocking. Jahvid Best had his best game of his career this past Monday night against the hated Chicago Bears by running for 163 yards including an 88 yard TD scamper. Kyle Vanden Bosch is an intimidating pass rusher who is relentless in his pursuit of the quarterback. Titus Young is a young receiver with immense potential. Jason Hansen continues to be a reliable and accurate kicker, and he’s been in the league for 2o years.

As you can see the Lions are loaded with promise and potential. The first 5 games have proven that. A young, exciting team that believes in itself. A 20 point comeback win over Minnesota followed by a 24 point comeback victory over Dallas are proof.

Yes there are questions. Yes they still have doubters. Yes the Packers are in the division. Yes they have to play the Packers twice. (including an epic Thanksgiving showdown which has all the trappings of  a classic) Yes the 49ers are next and they are red-hot right now. But for now I’m enjoying every second of this. I’ve waited a long time for my Lions to be good and now I’m seeing them with the potential to be great.

Restore The Roar!


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5 Responses to The 5-0 Detroit Lions

  1. Bobby Charts says:

    I just cant believe 5-47 record over 52 games and now 9 wins in a row, wow! nice read!

  2. footballnutz17 says:

    Just one little correction: Megatron has 9* TD’s, not 7 TD’s in the first 5 games

  3. brief22 says:

    It is crazy. 3 years ago, no one would ever think they would be 5-0.

    Nice post!


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