Taking Flight Once Again

It was a long wait. 15 years to be exact. Many things have changed. New downtown arena. New logo. New owners. New players. But the one constant was the passion of the fans. Yes my beloved Winnipeg Jets have returned. Now it wasn’t the most glorious return. A 5-1 loss to the Montreal Canadiens somewhat ruined the party but still it was great to see the NHL back in Winnipeg.

I wasn’t one of the fortunate souls who attended the game but I did watch it on TV and got chills during the player introductions. Words can’t even describe the feeling. It is wonderful to have a hometown team to cheer for again. A team to call my own.

As far as the game goes well the less said the better. But it was only one game. And I, along with many Jets fans will have to remember we’re inheriting a young team full of promise and potential, but prone to mistakes and growing pains.

Yes the pressure is on these players. Evander Kane will be relied on to score 30 goals. Andrew Ladd will have to lead by example. Zach Bogosian will have to be better in his own zone. Dustin Byfuglien will have to avoid boats for the time being. Ondrej Pavelec will have to steal some games in the net. Eric Fehr will need to get healthy soon.

I know this team won’t win the Stanley Cup this year. I also know making the playoffs will be very tough in an improving Eastern Conference. But as of right now I’m just happy my team is back. And I love them to death!

Go Jets Go!


About Jsportsfan

Covers the Winnipeg Jets for jetsnation.ca. Likes many but not all sports. I'm loveably annoying. You can also follow me on Twitter @jstar1973
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4 Responses to Taking Flight Once Again

  1. brief22 says:

    Great post! It is great for the NHL and Winnipeg to have the Jets back.

  2. 7Boss1 says:

    When I think of hockey I think Canada so I’m happy for Winnipeg

  3. Bobby Charts says:

    great stroy book ending, somewhat, the Cup is next, lol. I love the NBA, but if the NBA never came back I could turn into a serious Hockey fan in a milla second,
    I would be a huge Sharks fan, Im a fan now but the do take a back seat. nice J

  4. Great to see hockeY back to where it belongs.

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