If I Were In Charge Of The NCAA

The scandals continue yet the money never stops. Yes college football season is about to begin yet we hear more about all the transgressions by universities than the actual product on the field. Now granted football should not be the main priority of any university. Education should be number one. The NCAA continues to preach this with all the purity and virtue it can muster.

However underneath that is a slimy underbelly of greed, corruption and immoral acts of impropriety that would make a CEO of an oil company jealous of envy. Let’s face facts here the NCAA is all about money! They want so much money and bling it would make Jay-Z and Kanye West shake their heads. To the NCAA college football is treated like professional football without players getting paid. (allegedly) With Texas getting its own TV network they will generate more money than the countries of Honduras, Burkina Faso, and Guyana combined!

So fine. If you want to be pro football I’ll make it professional. I won’t go on about to clean up the mess that many schools seem to be in. I won’t go on about what’s happening in Miami, North Carolina, Ohio State, Georgia Tech, Michigan, Auburn, USC, etc. I don’t have true answers for that. I’m here to say if you want to make college football more like the pros, then the answer starts with this.

The BCS must be gone! Forever! Permanently! No excuses. No ifs ands or buts. It has to become extinct like the dinosaur, the dodo bird, and the mullet. (Sorry Arkansas but I’m calling you out on that one)

Bring in a playoff system and bring one in now! Eight team playoff. How do you ask? Here’s my plan.

4 conferences divided by geography of course. Yes some traditional rivals will be gone but new ones will start and generate more excitement in the sport. The top 2 teams in each conference qualify for the playoffs. The winners in each conference will host a first round game and will be ranked accordingly. The second place teams will be ranked by the polls and go on to face a first place team according to how they rank in the polls. The semi finals will follow suit with the National Championship game played at a neutral site aka The Rose Bowl, The Superdome, etc.

Now the old excuses will come out considering how much money the NCAA makes off bowl games. Well under my plan, the bowl games stay how they are, and the losers of the quarterfinals and semi finals will play in the “BCS” bowl games as a consolation. They’ll still make money but way more than under the previous system. Plus the playoffs could be held in December which would replace the 6 week break between games for some of these teams.

Now the next question is: Who’s in which conference? Way ahead of you. This was a draft of super conferences I made last year at this time. I still stand by it.

EAST:  Miami, Florida State, North Carolina, Virginia Tech, Virginia, Penn State, Pittsburgh, Boston College, Clemson, Louisville, West Virginia, Syracuse, Duke.

North:  Michigan, Nebraska, Ohio State, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Michigan State, Purdue, Indiana, Kansas, Missouri, and yes Notre Dame!

South:  Florida, Alabama, Georgia, LSU, Tennessee, Auburn, Texas, Oklahoma, Georgia Tech, South Carolina, Kentucky, Arkansas, Texas Tech.

West:  USC, UCLA, Oregon, Colorado, Washington, Arizona, Arizona State, Boise State, Oregon State, Oklahoma State, Washington State, California, Stanford.

52 teams, 13 in each conference. Yes there would be one out of conference game but it can’t be against a McNeese State or Prairie View A&M. No more cream puff schedules. Fans see games they want to see. (I don’t know about you but Texas vs LSU or Oklahoma vs. Alabama or Notre Dame vs. Nebraska every years sounds pretty enticing to me)

So that’s my solution. Perfect? Of course not. No solution is ever perfect and no it won’t solve the greed and corruption of the NCAA. Nothing ever will sadly. But at least if football is what you want and let’s face it, college football is hugely popular right now, then this is the way to go.




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5 Responses to If I Were In Charge Of The NCAA

  1. 7Boss1 says:

    I can’t tell you enough how tired I am of the ncaa and they bs they are full of it and I wish somebody could step in and clean up the whole system

  2. Chris Ross says:

    Lol I still like the BCS. As a casual fan I like the drama that it brings to each game and even though it may not be the best system for determining who the best teams are I think it is the most exciting. The regular season for football is exciting unlike another sport that is only good for 2 weeks.

  3. JW says:

    Your plan shares some similarities with one I posted a few months back. Primarily, we agree the BCS and the current conferences need to go, but we have some functional differences…

  4. JW says:

    This is the plan I concocted a while ago. I would be curious to see your take on it. Like I said, it does have some thing in common with your plan.


  5. Bobby Charts says:

    nice post, intresting, i do like the BCS system, like Chris said major drama, but your plan would work i feel and i would be cool with it, lol

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