NFL Moves

Now that the NFL is back in business the league is experiencing a flurry of player movements and signings that are unheard of in any sport. With the lockout now over and the season on GMs and front office staff are working in sprint mode to get all the rosters and depth charts organized in time for training camp. Easier said than done. Here’s a few moves that have caught my eye.

Eagles trade QB Kevin Kolb to the Cardinals for CB Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie and a 2nd round draft pick in 2012.

Great trade for the Eagles. Rodgers-Cromartie is a quality cover CB and he joins Asante Samuel to make an outstanding CB tandem. Add to that a 2nd round pick gives the Eagles plenty of leverage. With Philly’s draft record being pretty solid the last few years, the Eagles are set. The Cards do get the QB they covet but they gave up quite a bit. Yes Kolb has potential but I’m not sold on him being THE GUY! While I love Patrick Peterson and he will be a stud CB for the Cards he needed a veteran presence like Rodgers-Cromartie to show him the ropes. Eagles win this trade.

Redskins trade QB Donovan McNabb to the Vikings for a 6th round pick in 2012.

The Vikings needed a veteran QB after the disaster that was Brett Favre last season. McNabb was a disappointment with the Redskins last season so the two teams agreed to a deal. McNabb is taking a pay cut and the Redskins are eating much of that salary. A good low risk move by the Vikings. Remember Minnesota has had success with ex Eagles QBs before. in 1997 the Vikings acquired Randall Cunningham towards the end of his career and he performed very well for Minnesota. Will history repeat itself? Stay tuned.

Saints trade RB Reggie Bush to the Dolphins for S Jonathan Amaya.

After getting his career off to a terrific start, Bush struggled last season. Maybe it was the Heisman trophy controversy, maybe it was Kim Kardashian, who knows. Regardless Bush will get a fresh start in Miami where he could be the focal point of a struggling offence. The Dolphins were desperate for a game-breaker and with Bush available, they felt he was the best option. If Bush can regain his form from his first couple of seasons, the Dolphins will have that home run threat they desperately need. The Saints went for defensive depth while cutting salary. Unsure about this deal.

Bengals trade WR Chad Ochocinco to the Patriots for draft picks.

The loquacious and colourful Ochocinco will provide a stark contrast to Patriots head coach Bill Belichick. But the earnest Belichick is taking a chance on a receiver who’s desperate to play on a winner. Ochocinco should be thrilled that he’ll have Tom Brady throwing him the football. Brady was all-world last season and now he’ll have a home run threat to throw too. Belichick has success with Randy Moss so he should get the most out of Ochocinco. The Bengals felt Ochocinco was expendable when they signed first round pick A.J Green who many felt was the best receiver in the draft.

Redskins trade DT Albert Haynesworth to the Patriots for a 5th round pick in 2013.

The Redskins had no choice but to deal the troubled Haynesworth out of DC. Saddled with a huge contract and legal issues, Haynesworth was an inconsistent player for the Redskins. His feud with coach Mike Shanahan combined with may off the field issues made his stay in the US capital forgettable. The Patriots love reclamation projects and they feel Haynesworth will be a perfect fit in the Pats defensive scheme. If he decides to play and forget about the nightlife, Haynesworth could be a valuable asset to the Patriots defence. Can Belichick work his magic again? Only time will tell.

This is only a sample of the moves being made. There will be more. And the frenzy will continue right up until opening night on September 8.


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One Response to NFL Moves

  1. I liked Kolb in Philly, I think he’ll be fine in Phoenix. Bush is done I’m thinking. The Saints were loaded at RB and can do without. Haynesworth and Ocho may be decent pickups although I’m not sure if they are capable of what they used to be. If anyone can bring Albert back, it’s Bill, and Brady is an upgrade from Palmer over the past few years and he may become a go to guy again. McNabb is a definite plus for the Vikes, as you say, low risk. Good analysis.

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