Sign The Deal

After all the rumours, posturing, news conferences, rhetoric and whining I have a message for NFL owners and players, SIGN THE DEAL!! Granted the owners have signed off on a new collective bargaining agreement but now the players must do the same.

Look I understand the players plight and I do support them in this work stoppage. However there comes a time when you have to take the best deal possible. The NFLPA led by DeMaurice Smith were trying to get the perfect deal and really give it to the owners. This was a risky move by the players as if they continued to play this high stakes game of chicken it could very well blow up in their face. The players may not have a perfect deal in front of them, but it’s a better deal than what they had previously. Plus lets face facts here, the players really didn’t want to attend the OTAs and they don’t mind missing the first part of training camp. They’ll be OK.

As for the owners and commissioner Roger Goodell, well I still look at them as greedy scumbags. They remind me of the bank executives, oil company CEOs and glad handing politicians who caused the great recession that the United States is still going through. They wanted even more money than what they were making, and the NFL is a multi-billion dollar industry. My question and a question every NFL fan should be asking the league is how much money do you really need? When do you say enough is enough?

And please don’t tell me that many teams are in financial peril. Yes there are teams not doing as well as others financially. And there should be concern in places like Jacksonville, Buffalo and even Minnesota. But to say many teams are in trouble is laughable. Most teams are profitable and are consistently rank as the most valuable franchises in North American sports.

While I won’t call this lockout much ado about nothing since the players grievances were legitimate, it really boiled down to greed. The players are greedy yes but the owners are worse. When this deal gets signed (and it should be signed this week) I hope both sides learn a valuable lesson from this. You can have too much of a good thing.


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3 Responses to Sign The Deal

  1. I believe half the players last year didnt even make more than a million dollars based on their salaries and keep in mind that the players were fine with the previous deal and the owners were the ones that wanted the change.

    I don’t know if I would call the players greedy but I do agree that the owners were definitely greedy. They wanted more than 54% of all revenue but they compromised on a 52-48 Owners split which I believe will work best for everyone seeing as how they wont miss any weeks.

    • Jsportsfan says:

      I do think the players are greedy to an extent. The owners are worse don’t get me wrong but anytime you’re looking at splitting over a billion dollars of revenue, both sides have some greedy intentions.

  2. Lee Love says:

    I agree that the owners are greedy, yes the players want there’s too but they no way are in the driver’s seat like owners are. Folks tend to forget with the exception of the superstars many players get their 3-4 years in and move on only to face issues (mainly health) later. If they can get a better deal I’m all for it.
    I just hope that ALL players take the time and understand what they are signing, making sure they know everything about this new CBA.

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